Virtual Machine are the right products for you. Fully Redundant and high available Cloud servers ready to be deployed in a minute.
Enterprise Cloud based Unified communication and Mail service with robust security and performance in a monthly basis with no commitment or hassle, at a very low price. It is robust, secure, full of functions and fully local
If you are looking for fast connectivity for a database or operating system files, then SAN connectivity is recommended
To be able to have a service,computers need to be interconnected in a secure way. Cloud Acropolis provides all the necessary networking capabilities in a Secure and Segregated way using SDN and NFV.
cloud service

Cloud Servers

Virtual Machine

As Low As

/ OMR 17.90 / Month

1 – 12 Core 2GHz CPU
1 – 48 GB RAM
10 – 200 GB SAS/SSD Storage
1-5 Valid IP

SAN/NAS Storage

Online Storage

As Low As

/OMR 3

100 GB
7200 RPM
Double 1GBPS HBA
iSCSi connection


Full Rack

As Low As

/OMR 543

A most reliable and cost-effective solution for those who are looking for less than a Half-Rack space in a standard data center in terms of cooling humidity and temperature.

what makes us unique ?


Omani Setup

Cloud Acropolis is an Omani Company registered in Oman with CR: 1300114 from MOCI. Our data center is in Al Ghubra North, Muscat. All data and processing happen in our data center. All ICT equipment are installed in our data center. We bring value to Oman and GCC
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Automated and Virtual all the way

Our services run on KVM, CePH, SDN, NFV and SD-WAN. Having partnership with many vendors, we are the only one, again in the middle east to have a true independent cloud across all our non-physical services.
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Go to Cloud Consultancy

ICT transformation is a huge burden for enterprises. Cloud sourcing has become a major part of this transformation. Cloud Acropolis helps its customers to write this strategy to start with and then will help them to move to the cloud.

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High Available Site

We have 2 sites in Oman connected with a dark fiber. This capability enables Cloud Acropolis to have its infrastructure extended in multiple sites, which of course increases the overall availability. Even in the unlikely event that our Tier IV DC collapses entirely, our services will continue to be up and running from our other site.

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Telecom Independent

Cloud Acropolis is connected to all local operators in a fully automated and redundant way, in all its sites. So if our main telecom service provider’s link fails, the 2 other telecom services will pick up the load, without our customers even sensing this session transfer.
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Cloud Acropolis tie-up with Gartner

Cloud Acropolis, a leading Cloud and Data Center service provider in the region, has inked an agreement with leading research and advisory firm Gartner to bring global cloud practices to the Middle East.

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cloudacropolis CEO on TAlly

Times of Oman Published :

Secure Tally.ERP 9 services available on the Cloud with CloudAcropolis.

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When Tally ERP Meet the Omani Cloud

Cloud Acropolis is proud to present Tally on the Cloud for the first time in GCC with so many advantages like No Upfront Investment and always on cloud service. .

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