Database As A Service

  • Daily backup
  • Fully redundant Hardware
  • Day to day house keeping
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Secure
  • Scalabe

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Database As A Serivece
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DBaaS (also known as managed database service) is a cloud computing service that lets users access and use a database engine without purchasing and setting up their own hardware/VM/Cloud Server, installing their own database software, or managing the database themselves (not to mention hiring the high-priced talent required to do so).
Cloud Acropolis takes care of everything from periodic upgrades to backups to ensuring that the database system remains available and secure 24/7.

Maximum Performance

Thanks to enterprise class and cutting edge Software Define Storage (SDS) technologies and NVMe SSD drives for caching, we offer super SSD storage, ideal for I/O intensive workloads such as web or database application, and enterprise HDD with lower performance for archiving and logs storage purpose.

SSD Cloud Server oman

Cost savings

Laying down infrastructure for database management is expensive; scaling it as needed is costly and often wasteful. With DBaaS, your organization pays a predictable periodic charge based on the resources you consume—there’s no need to purchase additional capacity to have on hand for hypothetical future needs.

Scalability—up and down

You can quickly and easily change your package either up or down.

DBaaS Resilience

Reduced Risk

DBaaS offerings from Cloud Acropolis include a service-level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing a 99.9% of uptime

DBaaS Resilience

Daily Backups

We take backup of all files and databases in the Linux servers. All data of your website can be recovered by sending a request to CloudAcropolis technical support.

Highly Secure

We get our reputation by securing our customers cloud infrastructure. your data will be secured and sealed in our data center.

  • Real time vulnerability assessment
  • Log analysis
  • Firewall protection
  • Virus protection
  • Dedicated VLAN: DBaaS will only communicate with a Cloud Server within Cloud Acropolis by Internal IP

storage Security

High Availability and Resilience

We replicate your data three times,across separate nodes and racks to ensure redundancy. Our infrastructure is highly resilient with self healing feature and minimize the interruption during the most catastrophic events.

DBaaS Resilience

Rapid development and faster time-to-market

With an on-premises database system, development teams typically need to request access through IT, a process that can take days or weeks. In contrast, with DBaaS, developers can help themselves to database capabilities and spin up and configure a database that’s ready to integrate with their application in less than a day.

DR & High Availability DR (Optional)

Cloud Acropolis offers proper, secure and robust infrastructure in its Cloud setup. Our clients have been benefiting from it since inception. Many our customers have setup up High Availability for their service in between their in-house data center (or even overseas cloud provider) and Cloud Acropolis.