Offline Disaster Recovery

Ideal for noncritical servers
Backup frequency as low as every hour till once a month

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Disaster Recovery as a service - Off-Line Disaster Recovery

Acronis can have a full then incremental backup of the servers from anywhere into our data center. In case of disaster, when it is called by the service owner, the backups can be recovered fully into a Cloud Server or a Virtual Machines. They will be booted once the disaster is called. Administrators just need to have set a secondary IP in their DNS server. This is the most cost effective, yet the recovery can take up to 4 hours depending on the size of the servers. Expect some loss of data depending on the backup frequency.

Cloud Acropolis provides all necessary resources for a proper, secure and robust disaster recovery solution for a very reasonable price. The process is fairly simple. Through Acronis, all servers are backed up fully and incrementally. Regardless of where the servers are, this can be done. The backup frequency can be as low as every 5 minutes till once a week. The norm indicates at least once a day, but as we in Cloud Acropolis hate data loss, we recommend every 5 minutes. These backups will be seen as server images that we could recover at any given time

Customer, based on the number of servers they would like to recover, preconfigure their servers in Cloud Acropolis and pay for 1 month of rent (including the setup fees).

Once a disaster is called by the business owner, the images will be used to turn on the servers that are pre booked. It will take an average of 30 min to 4 hours (depending on the size of the storage for each server) for the services to come live. The client’s IT administrator then need to adjust its network for its users to connect to the new servers in Cloud Acropolis

Please refer to be low backup prices to know your exact costs of monthly backups.

Backup As a Service

Please refer to the below to know to configure your servers and to know how much you would need to leave credit with Cloud Acropolis, to turn them on for a month.

Cloud Servers

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Please feel free to contact us to help you with the architecture of such setup. Please see us as your Cloud IT Architect and partner.