Nearline Disaster Recovery

Ideal for critical servers and applications
Robust method used by banks and telecom operators

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Disaster Recovery as a service - Near line Disaster Recovery

This type of disaster recovery has been used for many years in banks and telecom operators. It is costly and is based on high capex / opex policy and procedure. However, it has shown to be a robust process.

Clients must rent a certain capacity from Cloud Acropolis and have them on at all time. The client’s administrator must setup the servers in a proper manner and setup replication at OS or binary level of the application in one hand and Databased synchronization via ASYNCH in the other hand. Basically all the needed files and DB logs need to be sent to the VMs in Cloud acropolis every 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to check that all the changes are implemented at each transfer. The normal periodicity of this transfer is every 15 minutes.

In time of Disaster, the Client’s IT administrator must update its network settings so the users can be directed to cloud acropolis IP addresses

Please refer to below to configure and pay for your servers.

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