Load Balancer as a Service

Distribute the load between your servers for better performance and availability.

Cloud Load Balancing

Instead buyung, installing, configuring and managing a load balancer appliance on your own, Use CloudAcropolis's high available Load balancer cluster. It works at TCP and HTTP level and you don't need to manage it. And of course it is hosted in Oman.

Load Balancing
[1] Users
You visitors and clients will browse your website or application using your domain as before. Just faster and more reliable.
[2] Load Balancing
Our load balancer will receive the request and will distribute it between the backend servers. It is also monitors the servers to see if all servers are available and responsive.
[3] Cloud Servers
The load will be splited between your servers, so no server will get overloaded, and in case one of the them goes down, the load balancer will not send any traffic to it anymore, and your customers will not be affected.
Load Balancer enabled
OMR9.66/month /IP
You need at least two cloud server to place behind the load balancer.
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Without Load Balancer
Using with only one server which handles all the traffic
Auto failover
2 x Performance
Internal Connectivity
10Gbps N/A
High Availability among two or more VM N/A

Fully Redundant infrastructure

The entire data center infrastructure is fully redundant and fault tolerant. From the edge network which is backed by a cluster of Cisco routers, to the core switches which are backed by double cluster of Cisco data center switches.

We use data center class software defined load balancer to manage the traffic for hundreds of our customer. We have at least two load balancer nodes which are each others' redundant, if any of them go down, the other one will pickup the transaction immediately.

redundant data center Oman

storage Security

Highly Secure

We get our reputation by securing our customers' cloud infrastructure. By using industry standard 256-bit encryption, your data will be secured and sealed in our data center, and only you are authorized to access your data.