High Available Disaster Recovery

Ideal for most mission critical servers and applications
Near zero RTO & RPO
Robust method used by tech giants such Facebook,Amazon,Google

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Disaster Recovery as a service - High Availability

Cloud Acropolis offers proper, secure and robust infrastructure in its Cloud setup. Our clients have been benefiting from it since inception. Many our customers have setup up High Availability for their service in between their in-house data center (or even overseas cloud provider) and Cloud Acropolis

In this case, we would need the OS and DB server to be mirrored at all time. This means robustness in both infrastructure and connectivity. Some of users are serviced by the in-house setup, and some others are using Cloud Acropolis setup. It is good to mention that Cloud Acropolis setup is a Virtual Data Center (VDC) fully configured and maybe managed by Cloud Acropolis, with a 50% extra capacity. This capacity will serve as the needed resources in case of disaster

Basically users will be using both in-house and Cloud Acropolis. In case of unavailability from either site, the other would pick up the load.

This is the best known business continuity setup and plan. It is implemented once and tested at all time. The cost may be higher but there is a guaranty about No Data Loss and No Service Loss.

Please refer to below to configure and pay for your servers.

Cloud Servers

Please refer to below to configure and pay for your Managed Network Services to setup your VDC.

Managed Network Security

Need more information High availability?

Please feel free to contact us to help you with the architecture of such setup. Please see us as your Cloud IT Architect and partner.