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High speed SSD
High performance, high resilience enterprise SSD storage, ideal for medium to high workloads
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Affordable HDD
High available magnetic HDD storage, ideal for archiving, backup and low speed workloads
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Disk Space
100GB 100GB
Up to 1Gbps Up to 150Mbps
Internal Connectivity
100Gbps 10Gbps
High Availability
Replication among different nodes
MySQL Starter
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MySQL Enterprise
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MySQL Version
MySQL Server 8.0 MySQL Server 8.0 MySQL Server 8.0
SSD Storage
Database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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auto Daily Backups Daily (last 16 days)
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High Availability
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Storage SSD Performance

Awesome performance & Scalability

We use distributed software define storage systems, equiped with NVMe-SSDs and 100Gbps networks which provides the highest performance in Oman market. They are fully elastics and fully scalable. So whenever you needed more storage, there is no need for hassle or big investment, just upgrade and have your extra space in a minute.

High Availability, Resilience, and Self-healing

We replicate your data three times,across separate nodes and racks to ensure storage redundancy. Our software define storage system is highly resilient with self healing feature and minimize the interruption during the most catastrophic events.

storage Resilience

storage Security

Highly Secure

We get our reputation by securing our customers' cloud infrastructure. By using industry standard 256-bit encryption, your data will be secured and sealed in our data center, and only you are authorized to access your data.