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Abdullah Alrawahy

Sheikh Abdulla Al Rawahy

Chief Strategy officer (Member Of Board)
Sheikh Abdulla is a local hero in the ICT fields in Oman. He has been a true driving force behind the development of the country. If today, we can talk over our phones, view movies and pictures with our smartphones, browse the internet anywhere, anytime in Oman, it is because of few people like him. As a fresh graduate in Telecom Engineering, from US university, he came back to Oman and worked in Omantel. He moved up all the way to the managing director level. To arrive to this, he managed many strategic and firsts projects, successfully. Seeing the opportunity and the need, he focused on the 2nd operator and was one of the founding member of Nawras. As a strategist and a true nationalist, he started to focus on ICT services and developed the needed infrastructure within Oman. As a founding member, Sheikh Abdulla is the Chief Strategy and Commercial officer of Cloud acropolis.His focus in the company is to educate enterprises to use in country ICT services and thus advance Oman in global rankings and increase the GDP.
CloudAcropolis CEO

Kiarash Kiazand Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer (Member Of Board)
With over 22 years of experience in the filed, Kiarash has grown to be a leader in the Information Technology Services from the ground. He started as a software developer and mathematic modeler in the petrochemical fields in France (Istitut Francais de Petrol), before moving to the US. Then he developed an entire corporate quality system for a multinational BPO over 7 years. Back in the middle east, he created and managed a company to provide procurement and managed services to a telecom service provider of 30 million subscriber. Finishing that project, he became an international Senior Principal ICT consultant for IT in telecom operators. Under his belt, he has built till now 19 data centers, and directly operated 4. He has certifications in data center design, IT operations, Networking, Storage and server management, software development, business development and strategy. As the project starter and business developer of Cloud Acropolis, he knows bits and bites of this business and this company. The managing director role is a perfect fit for him.He brings a lot of expertise into the country and has for task to bring up the IT services with international standards in Oman. His focus in to truly introduce, implement and monitor SLAs on all services, end to end, for all customer.