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High Available sites
Separated data center

We have 2 sites in Oman connected with a dark fiber. This capability enables Cloud Acropolis to have its infrastructure extended in multiple sites, which of course increases the overall availability. Even in the unlikely event that our Rating IV DC collapses entirely, our services will continue to be up and running from our other site.

Disaster Recovery has shown throughout the years to be unreliable, in case of true disaster. Yet high available sites have shown their robustness in regards to the Availability of the final service ( ERP, Email, DMS, VM….). In the other hand TIA 942 only and only looks into the availability of the facility like power, cooling, physical security, building, and location. 95% of Cloud acropolis services are Virtual, which requires a lot more than just power and cooling!

In addition to that, Computer technologies are a new science, and therefore not as reliable as electrical and mechanical sciences. Thus, the focus of a service provider like Cloud Acropolis must be a lot more on its ICT rather than power and cooling.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenge, we have acquired a 2nd building in country, rented a dark fiber from one of the local operators, and extended our virtual infrastructure within 2 sites completely separate, kilometers away from each other.

Even though in 2 physical sites, our virtual platform is just one and see just servers, storage and switches as extended hosts, like if they were in the same rack. So VMs and services can automatically go from one host to another, from one building to another.

This is the first of its kind in Oman for a Cloud Service Provider, we even think we are the only one in the entire middle east.

Based on the above our availability on the virtual services is very near to 100%.

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