ERP on Omani Cloud

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is

business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and human resources. In a simple IT terms, it consists of General ledger, inventory management, asset management, HR management, CRM, procurement, Salary… all integrated together enabling a proper flow of information within all related financing systems. It is a must for all enterprises regardless of their size.
As indicated it is a pre-integrated system with set rules based on best practices. However, every company has its own policy procedures. So, there are 2 ways to look at it:

  • Be flexible and let the pre-integrated application set the rules in your company. Aftercall they have interacted with many other companies before and provide a working solution. 80% of the ERP implementation have been successful. Yet not every company can adopt itself.
  • Ask a 3rd party to provide consultative services to implement companywide processes into the ERP. Finding the right consultant is very hard and implementing all the processes in the ERP is even harder. Less than 20% of ERP implementation are successful with this option.

As for Cloud Acropolis, we are open to both options for ERP systems in Oman and other countries in the region. We only take away the capex cost of the data center, hardware, database and operating system licenses, and the actual ERP license away. We are offering ERP on our Omani Cloud for with highest security and availability  as an OPEX model based on the number of users and timeline.

Below is the list of ERPs offered by Cloud Acropolis today in Oman Data center. Please keep checking as this list grows as we grow.


Tally ERP on the Cloud in Oman

     OMR 13 / USER / MONTH (for the first user)
     OMR 7 / USER / MONTH (for the second user onward)

Tally ERP version 9 on the cloud is a complete business management software solution which caters to all your business needs. A true all-rounder, the software takes care of everything ranging from financial accounting, inventory management, banking, payroll, and much more. What is outstanding is that the software keeps you connected with your business at all times, through its trusted remote access. Not only that, it is also error free and provides complete data security along with flexibility to suit your business processes and it is hosted in Oman.


Tally on Desktop Vs Tally on Cloud

Initial Investment
Description Tally on Desktop (OMR) Tally on Cloud (OMR)
Product Name Tally Multi User Tally on Cloud
Price for 3 users 750 27
Cost of a Dell PowerEdge T130 tower server 1200 Free
Cost of setting up of Server 100 Not Applicable
Price of LAN and Network Cabling for 10 computers (Unless already there) 500 Not Applicable
Anti-Virus Protection (Multi Computer) 40 Free
Back Up Drive 60 Free
TOTAL COST 2550 27
Annual Cost
Description Tally on Desktop (OMR) Tally on Cloud (OMR)
Product Name Tally Multi User Tally on Cloud
Price for 3 users Not Applicable 27 * 12
Version Upgrades 160 Free
AMC, Renewals 200 Free
Anti-Virus Renewal 40 Free
Support of Network Engineers for LAN related issues 400 Not Applicable
TOTAL COST 800 324
Description Tally on Desktop Tally on Cloud
Product Name Tally Multi User Tally on Cloud
No. of Locations you can access from Only within the office Any computer with Internet
No. of users who can access at the same time 100 Unlimited
No. of users who can remote access at the same time 10 Unlimited
No. of Companies you can create Unlimited Unlimited
Devices you can use to access Computer only Computer, Tab, Smart Phone
User based restriction on which companies they can work on Possible Possible
Additional Features and Security
Description Tally on Desktop Tally on Cloud
Product Name Tally Multi User Tally on Cloud
Data Security Simple Security Highly Secured
Data Access to users Can be with limited restrictions Total restriction
Back Up and Restore Manual unsecured Automatic secured
Data Storage Onsite Unsecured Offsite Secured
Work from Anywhere Possible with limitations Unlimited Possibility
Upgradation to new versions Manual upgrade to every computer Automated upgrades
Server always ON With limitations Unlimited
IT Maintenance costs High Costs Free
Disaster Assistance Limited based on knowledge and expertise Total Assistance with complete knowledge and expertise

Tally Cloud Security Architecture


Advantages & Disadvantages
Description Tally on Desktop Tally on Cloud
Initial Investment Moderate Less
Annual Cost Moderate Less
Features Enhanced Enhanced
Security Moderate Enhanced
Maintenance Moderate Free
Internet dependency No Yes

All our applications and their database are backed up daily. Any data residing on the servers can be recovered by just a request to Cloud Acropolis.