AcropolisBox - Cloud file storage and sharing

Every day we are creating documents.

Every day we are adding to our knowledge. But how do we manage these documents and knowledge. How does enterprises keep their intellectual property growing in a managed and secure way?
Document management systems are invented for this reason and this reason only, to manage the information flow in a secure and processed way.
Cloud Acropolis offers different types of DMS but in a hosted way. This would ensure that companies do what they do best, create value on their line of business. We will carry all the IT needed services for your company, and charge you based on an agreed time frame.

Our Award-winning Cloud-based file storage and document management system in Oman:


OMR  1  Per User/Month

  • 35 GB Storage each user
  • Versioning and sharing
  • Permission management
  • Android / iOS / Windows Integration
  • Password management and sharing
  • Task management & sharing
  • Server-side encryption

All our mail servers are backed up daily. Any email residing on the mail server can be recovered by just a request to Cloud Acropolis.