Our Data Center Facility in Muscat, Oman

Cloud Acropolis is ready to provide Colocation services from its Green and Highly available Data center.

Our facility is TIER IV designed and it is located in Al Ghubra North, and has withstand natural disasters like Guno


The building is made to be a data center and has dedicate power lines from 2 power factories, Al Ghubra and Al Khuwair. Each line supports 1 MW.

Each line is backed by its own generator and transformer with a capacity of 1.2 MW each. The high voltage, redundant power is managed by parallel ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches).

The power is then distributed to the building supporting the office, the cooling and IT services. All IT services are backed by 4×200 KW Online Double Conversion UPS systems.

The Data center has a capacity of 400 refrigeration Tons. This capacity consists of 2 times the needed capacity for 120 racks at 6 KW per rack.

We have installed a cold aisle containment with a down flow cooling system which would minimize the needed power for cooling. The temperature in the cold aisle is kept at 25⁰C.


Both Data centers and power rooms are protected against fire with an intelligent VSDA system and FM200 to be replaced by NOVEC.


All cablings, power and data are based on lathers and on top of the rack to the cooling and air pressure could be optimized in the cold aisle.


All racks come with 2x 16 port metered PDU. Each PDU is connected to a backed up independent power.
Our data center is also connected in a high available way to all local operators, to ensure connectivity even with network failure from telecom providers.
We do monitor our data center via CCTV and access control system. These are part of the monitoring and management system Cloud Acropolis has put in place for its Cloud offerings. We have 24/7 staff monitoring the entire setup.
We also offer sitting space as part of our services to those clients looking for DR site.