If you have your own IT equipment and infrastructure,

we can be your facility service provider. With a telecom rated data center who severed one of the Oman’s telecom operator for more than 12 years, our data center is more than fit (or reliable) to service all your needs.
Only and only in a real natural disaster situation, we can truly measure the strength of a data center. Without a doubt, we can say, our data center facility is the most available and reliable building in the country. At the time with Gunu devastated our beloved Oman, all the telecom services provided by this building where up and running, while the competitor’s telecom services experienced some difficulties.
Its power connectivity is fully redundant ( as per TRA requirement) to multiple power stations. Generators and UPSs are complementing this power with a N+2 design. It is also connected to all telecom/network service providers. After all, Cloud Acropolis is proudly independent of the operators yet we are partnering with all of them. Our cooling facility is designed to hold on in temperatures above 50º C with a N+2 design.
Overall we have about 150 rack capacity in our data center with more than 2 MW of power. In addition to this capacity, we have very knowledgeable and experienced people who ensure the availability signed with every customer. The minimum SLA offered is 99.5%.

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