What is really cloud in our lives today?

The definition is simple, it means just IT services provided on a network pipe. We really don’t know where the IT services are installed and working, what we see is just the final service at out fingertip.
In Cloud Acropolis, as our name suggests, we are a safe virtual city/shop providing these IT services. We have a wide range of service like other IT service providers. Our differentiator is that we are in Oman and we are independent of telecom operators, but we are connected to all of them.
Our services range from physical like collocation and physical hosting, to virtual services, back and recovery as well as different applications. Now depending on your needs, you can select your services and fill up your basket. This will change your spending from a fixed CAPEX based into a more flexible and less expensive OPEX model. You can also get in contact with us to set up meetings on how and why to use these services within your environment.

Below are our groups of services:

Enterprise Services
Maximize Data Safety
(Virtual Machine)