Cloud Acropolis International Payment Gateway with Paypal

Cloud Acropolis has signed up with PayPal for its international payment gateway.

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Today, Cloud Acropolis can offer its services in a fully automated way to all its customers worldwide via Paypal.
Customers can sign up with Paypal and connect their bank account and credit / debit cards to Paypal services and use it to pay for Cloud Acropolis services. This automated feature will sign up each customer’s account to pay automatically for the services at the end of each month. This facility ensures a piece of mind for all our customers, not only for not going to the bank and ATM, but also from all security prospective.
Paypal is PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certified. This means that our customer’s information is safe with Paypal. None of the local banks pretending to have the online payment gateway have these certificates.
Cloud Acropolis is keen to bring Oman forward. This alliance allow all our customers, especially our Omani brothers and sisters to benefit from the same international standards as other in other countries, when dealing with local purchase.
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