Cloud Acropolis was created to

bring IN COUNTRY VALUE for ICT needs of the local Omani market. One of the most important actual needs of the country is the availability of the information locally in a reliable environment. Actually, it falls under the “data sovereignty” laws of the Sultanate. Therefore, it is important to host the applications and their database in country.
In addition to that, many application vendors have achieved successfully the “multi-tenant” factor in their architecture. This means multiple users/companies can use the same installed application in a secure manner. Data from one company will not be accessed by the other. This would bring the overall total cost of ownership tremendously down for the user, as well as the support service provider. Only one instance of the application needs to be supported technically.
Moreover, Cloud Acropolis puts in an extra layer of security over its database infrastructure (in respect of SOA architecture) to ensure the right access to the right request. It is like the database infrastructure is locked in its fortress and has its own access control regardless of the application.
Putting all this together, we are therefore capable to provide many applications in an secure and OPEX model. The other part of the service that needs to be looked at it the redundancy of the carrier provider. In Cloud Acropolis we are connected to all 3 providers in Oman. We take also away all the hassles of procurement and operations of data center, network security, server operating system and hardening, database management and provisioning… you just use the final service you need for your business.

Below are some of the application we offer as a service:

All are application data are backed up daily and are recoverable with just one request.